About me

Hi and thank you for taking a moment to find out a little bit about myself and why I have chosen a path to success. My name is Sean, originally born in Abington, Pennsylvania and now reside in Utah. A bit of a move but I love the mountain and desert climates. I have a beautiful family, love to mountain bike and practice and teach a very effective form of martial arts. 

After my awesome 9 years with a well-known delivery company and an injured back from being that delivery guy, I decided a new path to success was to move into I.T. and found a fascination with data. Over the last 17 years, I have obtained a plethora of knowledge and hold a B.S.I.T/DBA degree. I have held many roles but mainly in data as a data analyst, SQL analyst, SQL developer and data migrations specialist. Granted I finally found my dream jobs but fate had it that I would be reminded that working for someone else's dreams can lead to a dead-end or even termination even if you worked hard for them. This has happened to me more than once and is part of the reason why I started seeking out other ways to generate income via the internet.

Success and Freedom

I have always felt that there was always something else I had to do to achieve the success and freedom I dream of daily. The usual life which most people become complacent with just does not add up. Work and Family, work and family, work and family yet not truly spending time with my family all leads me to insanity rather than a life of success. The common problem most of us experience, uncontrolled and inescapable debt, leads me to believe I will end up on my deathbed, still in debt and full of regrets of never truly experiencing the life that was meant to live.  

You see, life is meant to be lived freely. And if together, we found ways to help each other achieve personal freedom, then wouldn't it be a better place to live? It's thoughts like these which creates a conviction and passion inside myself to find a new way to adapt to the society I live in so that I may become successful and spend my time in more valuable ways while helping others do the same.

Please follow me on my journey to living life how we should live it - FREE. If you wish to reach out, please do on my Contact page. I would love to hear from you.