Online Success and Personal Freedom

Hello and welcome to EcomNational, a site dedicated to Online Success and Personal Freedom using the eCommerce Rush as our main avenue for success.There once was a gold rush, an oil rush, a housing boom and a technology boom. Now, I truly believe we are in the beginning stages of newest money-making boom called eCommerce. All any one of us needs to do is find proven and legitimate ways to tap in. Tapping in not only takes a proper set of techniques and methods but also takes a special level of personal development, commitment, consistency and a decision to start and not give up until you are Free to exist how you always wanted. No regrets in the end.

This site is about my personal endeavors to become truly free in all aspects of life mainly with online success strategies and personal development. Success is not only financial, it is also about how you develop yourself mentally, physically and spiritually.

My purpose of this site has two themes.

One is to try out different products and methods to help generate income via the Internet. This will range from creating a logo, different aspects of building a WordPress site, marketing techniques, and even reviews after buying into groups who teach and products which help in these matters after I have researched and tested myself.

Two is to provide methods to stay focused and healthy. I am a firm believer that the more healthy a person is physically, mentally and spiritually, the more positive their life results become through their improved habits. In other words, I am a huge fan of the ‘Law of Attraction’ and practice this every day. Because of this, I will also blog on different self-improvement methods such as meditation, visualization, focusing, motivation, managing time, changing perceptions and reviews of self-improvement products.


My main goal is to provide a place where I can share information with like-minded people who are interested in 'thinking-outside-of-the-box', achieving their freedom and right to live on their own terms and taking the lead on finding ways to become successful in all aspects of life including taking advantage of this eCommerce revolution.

So please, follow me on my journey and take a look this site where I hope to provide you with some value. I am open to your thoughts and communication no matter what level. If you are just starting out like I was two years ago, I am still learning, or are a professional blogger, I embrace your opinions and advice. You can leave a message on my Contact page.